Lions Bar

Located on the ground level, the spacious bar offers a wide range of mainstream and craft beers on tap, as well as a wide variety of wines, sparkling and spirits.

Take a seat at the surrounding tables or lounges and enjoy an icy cold drink of your choice. Ask our staff about our current drink specials on offer to our members and guests!

The Entertainment Lounge

The Entertainment Lounge is a versatile room that offers a great place to unwind with some tunes on the jukebox and a big screen to catch cricket, footy or rugby while enjoying a cold beer.

You can also hire the room for the day or night and it’s the perfect size for a birthday party, special occasion, reunion or family gathering.

Sports Lounge

You will never miss a sporting or racing event at Souths with more than 20 television screens in the Sports Lounge.

We have multiple self service or staff operated TAB Betting Terminals to increase the chances of you backing a winner and a spacious and friendly atmosphere.

You can enjoy all the Sports Lounge facilities in the comfort of the lounge chairs, high tables or seated areas.

The Sports Lounge is fully equipped for KENO players and there is also a live betting feature wall. Tips are provided by Flexicast to assist with your selections.

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