Joining Souths as an employee means joining the Souths team.

At Souths you will be surrounded by a positive, energetic, dedicated and hardworking group of enthusiastic employees in a safe and stable work environment.

At Souths we are committed to training staff to develop into industry professionals, offering various in-house training plus apprenticeships and traineeships for new and existing staff. We also offer a variety of employment and promotional opportunities that can see you get a head start in the hospitality industry.

There are a range of flexible and rotating rosters in full-time, part-time or casual positions that may cover the Bar, Dining, Functions, Gaming, Reception or Administration roles. Souths also offers a range of staff facilities and rewards to our employees such as meal and drink allowances, uniforms plus laundry allowances to help keep you looking and feeling professional.


If you are interested in working in the hospitality industry and think Souths is the right place for you, please download the Employment Application Form below and return it to Souths.

PDF Download
In Person Via Reception
Mail PO Box 3020
Merewether NSW Australia 2291
Fax 02 4963 1196
Email jobs@southleagues.com.au

For any questions relating to employment at Souths please phone 02 4963 1120.

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